Stock Market Tips From A Bad Bitch Workbook

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This is an interactive 90-day workbook/planner that will introduce you to the stock market in terms that you can actually understand.

The first 55 pages is a hands-on workbook filled with information and exercises that will break down the stock market for you easily. Some of the pages you will find are as follows:

  • What's My Risk Tollerance?
  • Understanding The Different Types Of Investing.
  • How Can I Start Investing With Little Money?
  • Stock Market Lingo
  • 12 Month Financial Goals

Immediately following the workbook is my unique 90 day financial planner system.

The 90 day system includes eighteen once a week weekly planners specifically catered to your investment goals, followed by 90 daily stock tracker pages that will teach you about stock market patterns, volatility and fluctuation. 

Think of this as investing $1.00 a day for 90 days to secure your future for generations to come.